It’s Asparagus season at “Our Farm”

Asparagus is considered to be one the delicacies of the vegetable world with a distinct flavour and May is the perfect month to enjoy British Asparagus and for us to celebrate our partnership with The Tacons in Rollesby run by “Our Farm” partners, Charlie and Emma Tacon, celebrating everything that’s great not only about asparagus, but all elements of local farming and produce.  

We are incredibly proud of our Norfolk heritage.  This region is a breeding-ground for high quality, local produce and, as a result, we believe that the county of Norfolk has every right to be regarded as the foodie capital of the country.   We love working with The Tacons with land at the farm earmarked to grow and manage much of the seasonal British produce for all three of our restaurants.  Becoming an extension of the kitchen, this gives us more control over the ingredients we use, knowing that the Tacons are an ideal partner helping create first-rate produce and unafraid of trying new things. 

harriette phillips