Introducing Our Norfolk...

One of our favourite iconic sights on the Norfolk coastline will be celebrating its 230th birthday in 2020! The red and white striped Lighthouse at nearby Happisburgh, built in 1790 was originally one of a pair and is the oldest working light in East Anglia and the only independently run lighthouse in Great Britain. It is now maintained and operated entirely by voluntary contributions.

It famously featured in the Challenge Anneka TV series in 1990 when apparently the “wrong sort of paint” was used causing the red and white paint to run and turn pink! It also featured recently on BBC4’s Coast – The Great Guide.

The tower is 85ft tall with around 100 steps up to the lantern which is 134 ft above sea level and has a range of 18 miles. But visitors are rewarded with a fabulous view over the surrounding countryside and seascape; so well worth a visit if you’re in this part of the world and just a short drive along the coast from The Ingham Swan so you can pop in for lunch after the climb! The lighthouse will be open to visitors on selected dates from Easter Sunday 2019 onwards. Check their website to plan your visit.

P.S – if you’re not a local you might need to know that Happisburgh is pronounced “hazebro”, not “happisburg”. That’s Norfolk dialect for you!

This is our Norfolk. We’re very proud of our county and all it has to offer its communities, businesses and those visiting the area. We have miles of beautiful coastline and our unique Broads, thriving market towns and Norwich with a strong cultural heritage. There's nowhere like Norfolk in our opinion.

harriette phillips