Great British Menu 2016

Daniel Smith appeared on BBC 2's Great British Menu in September 2016.

For his appearance on the Great British Menu Daniel Smith was committed to emulating the achievements of Elizabeth II’s Great Britons and produce dishes that taste sublime, recognising the values and qualities of everyday people who make a difference to our nation.  Daniel got his inspiration from the people and their stories – to represent those Great Britons with a modern menu to match their triumphs and enhance Great Britain’s culinary reputation. Daniel reached the finals of his heat and now  Chef Patron Daniel Smith's Great British Menu Tasting Experience has launched. Experience the Norfolk-centric dishes from the show tasted by judge and Michelin starred Chef Angela Hartnett the protégée of Gordon Ramsay and judge for yourself. You can view Daniel’s full menu and inspiration behind his dishes here. We look forward to welcoming you.


“Making a Difference”.  

  For his starter, Daniel has chosen Thyme Poached Partridge Breast, Foraged Girolle Mushrooms, Apple Puree, Dehydrated Pork Crackling and Parsley Crumb served with Partridge Tea.  He was inspired by the achievements of the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust whose Chief Executive, Teresa Dent, received a CBE for services to wildlife conservation.  The dish is accompanied by a bespoke medal box replicating the honour and embossed “Making a Difference” along with a shotgun hip flask containing Game Tea.


“Above and Beyond”. 

  Daniel grew up in Caister on Sea in Norfolk and took inspiration for his Fish course from the bravery and commitment of the Caister Independent Lifeboat Service, famous for their motto “Caister men never turn back”, who earned them the Queens Volunteers Award in 2012.  Lifeboat men have a history of fishing and current Coxswain of the crew, Paul Williams, is a lobster and crab fisherman.   Served on a lifeboat themed tray bearing that famous motto, Daniel’s Fish course is Maris Piper Potato & Crab Risotto with Poached Lobster Tail, Lobster Emulsion and Cheese Custard.


“Great British Heritage”.  

World-renowned for our Roast Beef – often in jest – Daniel chose to place the perfect meat of celebration as the jewel in the British culinary crown, rewarding the selfless deeds and individual triumphs of our Great Britons.  For his main course he offers Braised Shin of Norfolk Aberdeen Angus Beef with Rare Beef Fillet, Romanesco, Baked Shallots, Pomme Dauphine, Butternut Squash and Cauliflower Puree.  Served on a handmade plate accompanied with a cloche embellished with the Union Jack.


“National Treasure”. 

Daniel’s chosen dessert is a White Peach Melba with Raspberry Gold Leaf Champagne Soup, White Peach Foam, Crème Fraiche Ripple Ice Cream and Raspberry Cream.  Presented on a red cushion mirroring the official medal presentation, Daniel’s inspiration comes from white peaches, a favourite of the Queen and nurtured on her estate at Windsor.  Whilst British Champagne congratulates the courage and endeavour of our Great Britons – our National Treasures.